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Celebrating Our Milestones

Despite a rollercoaster of challenges, our number one priority - delivering exceptional service to customers has enabled us to reach incredible milestones that we couldn't be more proud of!

01: Call from our recruiters

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02: Skill Assessment Test

After the call, if everything aligns, we will send you a quick skill assessment test.

03: Hiring Manager Interview

Here we will dive deeper into your skills, expertise, and experience. The interview will be mostly about how well you can handle your roles and responsibilities and communicate the overall expectations for the job. 

04: Interview with our Head of Talent, Learning & Culture

This interview will be basically about whether or not you are right cultural fit for ATC. 

05: Leadership Round

This final interview round is all about you meeting with our leaders. 

06: Offer And Decision

Once you have cleared the interview process, we will roll out the offer letter. 

07: Meet the Team

Finally, you can meet with the team and bond. 

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