Enterprise Services / Cloud Transformation

Simplify your cloud journey today 

Adopt next-gen AI-powered cloud solutions and manage your modernization journey with top-tier cloud experts.

Modernize app development with trusted guidance

Explore the benefits of moving to cloud 

Achieve Agility

We set up a multi-cloud ecosystem that enables real-time customization capabilities that reduce administrative burdens and speeds up time-to-market. 


To scale up storage resources and infrastructure capabilities to fit your needs. Accelerate operations anytime without worrying about maintenance.

Data protection

Protect sensitive data and workloads from cyber threats and vulnerabilities with a host of security features that prevents data loss and unauthorized access.

Gather instant insights

Collect and analyze data with customizable dashboards and integrations. This helps you gain insights into your operations and optimize workflows.

Our cloud expertise accelerate business growth

Let ATC help you build highly-scalable applications from anywhere in the world. 

Achieve your ambitious cloud goals

Most businesses set ambitious cloud goals but face many impediments during migration and setting up workflows. Our experts will build an effective implementation roadmap to ensure you achieve your cloud goals.

Continuous assessments to identify gaps

We work by identifying potential gaps through various risk assessments and recommend solutions that meet your financial and business needs.

Work with certified industry experts

Work with cloud consultants with proven expertise across industries. Our experts follow a data-driven approach that starts with defining the context and conducting various assessments for a flawless cloud deployment strategy.

Unleash the power of Generative AI and cloud 

Give developers the power to build and customize apps faster 

Test new ideas 

We help you combine Generative AI and cloud to generate unique content, designs, ideas and test them for better product delivery.

Get insights instantly

Save important data on cloud and analyze complex information with Generative AI with supported guidance from ATC experts. 

Cost optimization

Let us help you save hours of development work by automating tedious tasks with Generative AI and RPA. We can develop an MVP faster to reduce operational costs and boost efficiency.  

Cloud capabilities that gives you an edge

Unlock the power of cloud with one-on-one consulting to meet all business needs. 

Cloud migration

Modernize your operations with industry-leading cloud solutions. From choosing the right cloud solution to migration, we help you embrace cloud capabilities. 

Managed services

Remove biggest business obstacles by managing cloud with our experienced cloud experts. 

Cloud native application development

We can help you build cloud native solutions that helps you achieve faster time-to-market and drives revenue. 

Multi-cloud infrastructure and optimization

Evolve with changing times. Let us help you secure your infrastructure, optimize your resources, and manage your applications to improve ROI and realize value faster. 

Transforming emerging businesses into cloud-first enterprises

Discover how our domain expertise has helped us solve complex problems and achieve phenomenal results. 

Optimize workloads through cloud


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