Staffing / Dedicated Retainer Teams

Expedite product delivery with a dedicated retainer team

Work with a global team of industry experts who can help you accelerate your delivery pipeline and grow revenue.  

Augment digital transformation

Chances are that your development team is bending backward to finish an important project on time.Whether it is product design or development, our dedicated retainer teams augment your existing digital transformation capabilities and contribute to OKRs and strategy, while maintaining a focus on customer value and timely delivery.

Experts for every stage of product development

Create better user experiences with industry experts.  

Easy scalability

Leverage our industry expertise and latest technologies to scale your resources for developing and deploying projects. 


Drive revenue

Create products with in-depth user research and work with top UX designers and developers to swiftly lead users towards conversions.

Minimize risks and delays

Eliminate project risks and ensure important projects are deployed on-time. We work with you to identify and limit risks and bring you closer towards time-to-market.

We are here to help you with any and everything

Deliver faster with a retainer team, having expertise across different domains. 


We have experienced UI, UX and product designers to help you design impactful products.


Enhance your web, mobile, and app development capabilities with our talented developers and engineers. 

Digital transformation

Leverage latest technological developments like cloud, automation, and data analytics for faster deployment.


Transform the way you work with our Agile and DevOps consulting.

Our retainer engagement models

Choose a model based on business needs. 

Monthly retainer

Work with us on a month-to-month basis and pay for that time only. This flexible model allows you to ramp up your team size and digital capabilities.

Project-based model

Need help with a complex project? Work with our
experienced team and ensure that your project is launched

Why trust ATC?

A network of global professionals

We have a network of highly vetted experts across Asia and the USA who will take care of your business needs, so your team can focus on the most important things.

Ahead of the latest changes

Without change, nobody can survive. That’s why we stay ahead of the latest technological developments to transform your organization and help you leverage the best business opportunities.

Problem solvers

Our team is not just an extension. We are problem-solving forces who break down barriers, optimize delivery, build resilience, and ultimately lead you towards success.

Ready to be our long-term partners?


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