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Powering a platform future that outmaneuvers uncertainty, drives scale and delivers growth.

What we think is driving explosive platform growth

The beating heart of the digital economy?

They occupy 8 of the S&P’s top 10 most valuable companies in the world and they’ve achieved that growth in just 10 years.

Figure out your strengths and weaknesses

In fact, they’re increasingly synonymous with the economy and will only become more dominant in all our lives as they invest in the next generation.

Refine your answering techniques

Discover the unique challenges and opportunities that platform companies face today by reading our new series of essays on Powering the platform future.

Solutions & capabilities

We help platforms plan for new growth, build stand-out experiences, get personal at scale, secure trust and keep on getting better with our suite of capabilities and solutions.

Grow SMB

Enabling success, no matter what it looks like. Because when your SMB customers and partners prosper, we all do.

Social Commerce

Building a more human marketplace that creates tremendous value for businesses, consumers, creators, and... more

Virtual Experiences

Shaping new virtual-first experiences that drive breakthrough business growth.

Platform Strategy

Setting a vision, evolving your products and igniting growth to support your strategic priorities.

Platform Engineering

Building the products, data services and infrastructure to power your platform.

Platform Adoption

Delivering experiences that attract, retain and meet the changing needs of your customers.

Platform Integrity

Ensuring the trust, security and global compliance required across the complex platform landscape.

Those Who Lead Us

Darryl Jose

Founder & CEO

Bhanu Valluri

Chief of Staff

Parag Bakre


Nick Reddin

VP of Sales

Clinton Jose

VP of Operations & Co-founder

Tara Jones


Balaji Mohan

VP of Engineering

Anand Manuel

Head of Off-Shore Operation

Aldrin Stellus

Design Lead

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