Design / 3D Animation

Ditch Basic Text & Make Way For Immersive Experiences

Make stand out videos, ads, and content with our 3D animation studios. We create realistic characters and objects that add a unique depth to your story.

3D Animations That Create “Wow” Moments Every time

Go beyond basic texts and create lifelike characters and environments with more depth and realism. Our 3D animation services blend the power of 3D design technology with personalization to help you create an impactful experience for your audience.

Capturing the essence of your message

Our personalized 3D animation services allows you control the look and feel of the graphics to make it look unique and tailored to your brand, helping you connect better with your audience.

Make your story visually compelling

Stunning graphics, life-like characters and bold effects will help you take your creatives one-step further from your competitors.

Enhance Your Visibility Across All Platforms

Bring your ideas to life in style and capture the audience’s attention- from social media platforms to gaming to video ads. Our 3D animation studio caters to your business needs and can help you create an omnichannel experience.

Watch Your Dreams Become Reality

Everything starts with an idea. But the idea-to-execution process can be quite daunting. Not at ATC. Our strength lies in simplifying the entire process and being there for our clients always.

3D Characters

From cartoonistic to fantasy, our animators utilize the best design tools to humanize the characters and add personality, emotions, and depth, making them more appealing and interesting on screen.

Product Animation

Provide a 360 degree view of your product to the market.  Make videos that showcase your product and services in a way that evokes emotional response and make audiences want to learn more about it.

Gaming Avatars and environments

Create compelling gaming avatars and environments that matches your brand aesthetic and enhances the visual appeal of your game.

Social Media

Build a following on social media with videos that have the best concepts and 3D animations.

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