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CFO and Enterprise Value

From ideation to marketing—enhance your go-to-market strategy with expert consulting.

Our finance & risk capabilities

How we empower CFOs to architect change for 360° value.

360° Value creation

Deliver positive outcomes from core functions to field operations and extend finance’s impact across your enterprise by evaluating opportunities that benefit customers, employees, shareholders, communities, and the environment.

Future-ready transformation journey

Accelerate the transformation of talent, operations, and platforms to your desired future-ready state by knowing what changes to make and how to make them ahead of time so you can choose the most direct path to your future-ready organization.

Predictive view

See beyond your company’s horizon with harmonized data platforms and advanced scenario modeling to quickly guide your organization amid changing market dynamics and answer critical ‘what if’ questions with confidence.

Risk & resilience

Keep your business strategy moving forward with pace by gaining visibility into the interconnected forces posing risks to your enterprise so you are prepared to mitigate vulnerabilities and threats to your resilience.

Helping finance and risk leaders navigate disruption and drive enterprise value

Advantage of CFO

The role of the CFO has never been more critical to the success of the enterprise. Amid intensifying market disruptions, escalating risk volatility and accelerating customer behavior changes

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The CFO plays a crucial role balancing economic stewardship with the strategic assessment of growth risks and opportunities to drive enterprise value.

Cost optimization

ATC has extensive experience and know-how across the entire finance transformation journey. Our ability to predict outcomes with confidence.This leads to 360° value, benefitting customers, employees, shareholders, communities, and the environment.

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