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Tailored solutions for HR professionals

Whether you’re extending an offer or answering employee equity questions, ATC has the tools and team to support you.

We Know How To Managing Your Business Globally

Whether you want to test the usability of a completely new product or elevate the quality of an existing solution, we enhance user experience by using the best testing methodologies to help you improve ROI.

Our finance & risk capabilities

How we empower CFOs to architect change for 360° value.

Win talent within your budget

Accurately plan your recruiting budget and make data-driven decisions about which roles to hire and in which locations. Carta Total Compensation gives you the most recent, relevant, and reliable salary equity benchmarks for every role, level, region.

Identify and address pay gaps

Your Employee Scorecard responds to market conditions and helps you easily spot pay equity discrepancies and potential retention issues.

Empower your team

With Total Rewards Statements, employees can visualize the current and future value of their compensation packages. Customized equity advisory sessions help your team understand basic equity and their potential

Automate stakeholder management

Minimize double entry with HR integrations. Cap tables automatically update with employee status changes like departures and address changes, meaning you always have the right information.

Safe and sustainable operations in a digital world

Prioritizing what matters

Mining, metals, forest products and building materials companies face a once-in-a-generation opportunity to tackle industry-wide challenges. At the same time,pressure has never been greater to be good stewards of our resources.

Cutting costs with faster deployment

With decades of experience, we have an unmatched combination of industry knowledge, expertise strategic vision deliver comprehensive integrated solutions for differentiation, agility and resilience.

Making an impression

Whether it’s helping with autonomous operations, sustainability initiatives, supply chain efficiency or workforce productivity,Human Resources consulting practice powers growth innovation at speed scale.

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