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WANTED: Cybersecurity gladiators and IT wizards to tackle the beastly threats of the digital world.

Our staffing solutions have your back. Our unrivaled warriors are ready to fortify your fortress. Strategize, innovate, and triumph over the lurking perils.

Top-notch security hinges on enlisting the right people.

We offer a range of staffing solutions all tailored to fit your unique employment requirements seamlessly.

Contract basis

We offer the ideal alternative if you're wanting to add a highly qualified contractor to your full-time staff. From one month to three years, our highly qualified contractors can meet your needs.

Contract to hire

Our contract to hire option can be ideal for you if you need to hire a contractor right now but do not yet require an FTE. You can complete the task whenever you're ready to add the contractor to your payroll with our contract to hire solution.

Statement of work

Our warriors are highly skilled in collaborating with customers to create thorough SOWs. Expectations, the scope of the work, deadlines, and important metrics that will be used to gauge progress will all be outlined in our SOW process.

Project retainer team

The project retainer model of work offers a synergy of proactive and reactive services. In order to reduce downtime during a cyberattack, in a variety of ways to accommodate a range of budgetary and business objectives.

Areas of Specialization

We specialize in a diverse set of cybersecurity roles, ensuring that you get the best candidates to protect and optimize your digital landscape.

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)
Security Architect
Security Engineer
Security Analyst
Penetration Tester (Ethical Hacker)
Incident Responder
Forensic Analyst
Security Consultant
SOC Analyst
Security Auditor
Compliance Analyst
Security Software Developer
Security Administrator
Security Researcher
Information Assurance Analyst
Cybersecurity Trainer/Instructor
Cloud Security Engineer/Architect
Cloud Security Analyst 
Data Security Engineer /Architect 
Data Security Analyst

Why trust ATC?

A network of global professionals

We have a network of highly vetted experts across Asia and the USA who will take care of your business needs, so your team can focus on the most important things.

Ahead of the latest changes

Without change, nobody can survive. That’s why we stay ahead of the latest technological developments to transform your organization and help you leverage the best business opportunities.

Problem solvers

Our team is not just an extension. We are problem-solving forces who break down barriers, optimize delivery, build resilience, and ultimately lead you towards success.

Q&A for the Curious

What industries do you serve?

We cater to a diverse range of industries – from tech startups to established corporations, we have experience in providing tailor-made solutions to organizations of all sizes.

Our knights of code rigorously follow industry best practices and utilize cutting-edge tools to keep your information safe and your fortress impregnable.

We pride ourselves on assembling a platoon of top talent, unbeatable industry insights, and a keen understanding of your specific needs. We’re your reliable fort against the perils of the digital world.

With countless successful deployments and an ever-growing list of satisfied clients, we can confidently say that our expertise has reached mythical heights.

Ready to secure your digital business with top-tier cybersecurity talent?


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