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There are no prerequisites to take the Certified Scrum Product Owner® (CSPO®) training. However, having a good command over the Scrum basics will prove effective in understanding the Product Owner’s role at an enterprise level. If you are a Certified Scrum Master® (CSM®), taking up the CSPO training should be your next career move.


Exam Details

Learning Objectives

Product Owner skills

Understand the core concepts of Scrum, Scrum flow, etc. and enhance your skills as a Product Owner

Lead Agile teams

Understand the scope of Product Owner and Scrum Master and lead, motivate Agile teams and team members.

Facilitate communication

Facilitate transparent, smooth communication channels between the stakeholders and the Scrum team

Plan better

Learn how one can create practical efficiency-oriented plans and schedules and work better.

Improve ROI

Learn ways and methods to improve business value and ROI and how to implement them

Faster delivery

Learn ways to ensure maximum high-velocity within time and budget frames
implementation of Scrum functionality.


An individual wishing to be an effective Scrum professional can gain from a CSPO certification in the following ways:

  • Widen the scope of your career with the knowledge of popular Agile practices.
  • Stack the top in-demand Scrum skills and demonstrate your Scrum knowledge.
  • Actively engage with the community of Agile practitioners dedicated to continuous Scrum practice and improvement.
  • Create a better product by leading and implementing Scrum in the team.

Scrum Alliance underlines the importance of Product Owners as follows:

  • 38% of the Product Owners act as an intermediary and are responsible for maintaining relationships with the Stakeholders.
  • 24% of the Product Owners set project business priorities and work directly with the customers.
  • 15% of the Product Owner work directly with the Scrum team./li>

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