Training / LMS

Create delightful learning experiences

Promote a culture of continuous learning and growth for your employees, channel partners, and customers with an all-in-one Learning Management System. 

Holistic approach to learning

A robust LMS created to give you an end-to-end experience with ability to customize tailor made trainings for your employees.

Pre-built courses

Unlock over 65K courses in over 20+ languages to allow users continuously learn new skills and core competencies.


Analyze how learners interact with advanced reporting features where you can customize the metrics dashboard fit your unique needs.

Built-in authoring tool

Utilize our pre-built content authoring tools to build courses relevant and unique to your business.

Blended learning

Create self-paced or live learning experiences based on user profiles and learning styles.

An unified suite for diverse learning needs

An unified suite for diverse learning needs

Why Agility matters?

Channel partner training

Train your channel partners with knowledge and skills they need to increase customer satisfaction,

Employee training 

Equip your employees with new skills and core competencies essential for the productivity and problem solving. 

Customer training

Create engaging content to upskill and empower your customers to maximize success with your product.

Benefits learners = Happy customers

Empowered learners go the extra mile to understand customer needs and preferences.

Unlocking new opportunities

Our LMS systems allow you to create courses that help learners leverage the latest technologies to improve user experience across channels. 

Analyzing customer pain points

Help learners understand customer pain points to resolve roadblocks faster and improve retention rate.

Make smarter decisions

Employ our robust tools to help learners anticipate customer requirements to foster a strong sense of customer satisfaction.

Improve go-to-market strategy

Create detailed courses that streamline internal processes to improve workflows and generate solutions faster.

Make everyone feel included

Design learning experiences for every stakeholder in the company to make them feel valued and evoke higher engagement levels.

Ready to create personalized learning experiences at scale?


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